Howdy Pards!

I am looking for five heroes in the Weird West. Whoa, WHOA! Not all of you tinhorns at once! See, I am not looking for just warm bodies; you’ll just end up cold ones. We are looking for heroes that have enough sand and grit to fill the Sahara Desert. The types of hombre that will spit in the devil’s eye and make him call you daddy. Not some scart child who is going to fill ‘is britches at the first sign of trouble! If you don’t have the ticker for it, quit reading now.

Qualifications as follows:

  • A brain pan with ample gray matter in it
  • A sense of fun and adventure, worry warts and shut ins need not apply
  • A hat, every tough hombre has one.

There will be shoot outs, wagon chases, even train robberies. So plenty of adventure for all guys and gals alike! So I knows what you’re thinkin’, this is going to be some dumb and boring western adventure. WELL THINK AGAIN TINHORN! I have seen thangs that would make the union generals run home crying to their mommas…

What’s that? Is this the d20 system? I TOLD YOU TO QUIT READING YOUNGSTER! Go back to your mamas teet son, this is the classic system for real heroes! If you’re interested telegraph me at that fancy email address at the bottom of the sheet, or call me at this here voice box number.

See you in the west,
The Marshall

Marshall’s name: Bob Houston
Cell: 317-646-2245
Location: TBD, based on player availability (somewhere in Vancouver, WA)
Meeting times: TBD, based on player availability

Deadlands: Lost Tales of the Wierd West